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Our Faith. Our Vision. Our Values.

Statement of Faith

What we believe about God, His Word and the Church.

Our Vision

We believe that we are called to engage, equip, and empower homes for Gospel transformation. We dream of a church that removes the façade of suburban perfection through real, honest community and ministry.

Consumed by Distraction

Unfortunately, the modern church culture trained us to believe that the hours in attendance each week are equivalent to our level of spiritual maturity. What if we spent more time establishing and building gospel-centered relationships than we did attending church events?

Our Values

The people of Crossings Community are a community journeying through life in a transformative way. We interact with truth, digest it in community, and put it into practice through a missional lifestyle. This is how transformation takes place, and this is how a disciple is made. Therefore, transformation is realized through embracing the truth, experiencing community, and living life on mission for God’s glory.

Pastoral Leadership

Our Team of Pastors & Elders

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Matt Powell
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Daniel Willingham
Family Pastor
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Chris Kipp
Worship and Community Pastor
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Dennis Edge
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Mark Merrell
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Joel Skaggs
Question for our Leadership?

Send us a message. We want to hear from you.

Crossings Community Church meets together for worship, giving, prayer and teaching each Sunday @ Tompkins High School, 10:40 am. During the week, families have time to connect and grow in their faith through Community Groups.

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