Devin Dabney

"Though I grew up in church, I came to truly understand what it meant to be a follower of Christ during my junior year of college.  The Lord transformed who I was at the core and I have been following Him ever since.

I love to serve the Lord through worship.  Though I've been a worship leader for more than twenty years, the sweetness of singing to and about the Lord has never gone away.  I love leading people into a place where I move out of the way and God's Spirit touches them where they need to receive from Him."

Devin graduated from LSU with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences and a Master's degree in Educational Technology.  He is currently a Technology Manager at a global law firm.

Devin met his wife, Shayla, while in college at LSU, and they have been married since 2005 and have seven children.  Fun fact:  Shayla was one of Devin's resident assistants at his apartment complex in college, and they lived right across the hall from each other! In his free time, Devin loves to play basketball, travel, and explore entrepreneurship.