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True church membership is about much more than signing on a dotted line or being added to a roll sheet.  It’s about committing yourself to a spiritual family that is united in belief, purpose and mission.  We have a common belief about God and His Word.  We are also united in values, which stem from our theology and God-given vision.  This unity and commitment bring order to the church, while propelling our mission.

Becoming a member of Crossings includes two simple but important steps:

1- Participate in a Newcomers Breakfast.  These monthly gatherings are held during the 9:30am worship service, and are designed to provide you with a more complete understanding of the unique vision, values, beliefs, and culture of Crossings.  Breakfast and childcare are provided, and pre-registration is required!

2- Schedule an Elder Coffee and complete our Membership Covenant.  These personal meetings are scheduled on an "as requested" basis, and provide one of our Crossings Elders with an opportunity to hear your story of life and faith, answer any remaining questions you may have, and help you begin to find your people,  place, and purpose at Crossings in Group Life and Serve Teams.

To register for our next Newcomers Breakfast, or to inquire about Baptism, click the appropriate link below!

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