Kids Safety Information

Your child’s safety is a top priority for Crossings Kid’s Ministry. All of our volunteers are members of Crossings Community and have completed a current background check that is continually monitored. Children will be present with two volunteers at all times, as we do not allow a child to be left alone with one volunteer. To ensure that all children are picked up by the correct adult, every child that attends a class must have a check-in sticker that corresponds to the parent or guardian’s pick-up sticker.

For the safety of your child our volunteers do not currently change diapers, however our paid workers can take care of it.  If your child needs to use the restroom, there are bathrooms in the classrooms and in the main lobby of the Clubhouse for your child to use as needed.

We do not tolerate physical violence. If a child becomes physically violent, the parent is immediately contacted to pick up their child from the classroom.