Matt Powell

"I placed my faith in Jesus and was baptized when I was 8 years old. I grew up with a family who valued the church and it became a significant part of my life. Yet, I found that I didn’t really own my faith and understanding of a relationship with Jesus until I went to college. It was there that I really began to discover for myself what it meant to have a relationship with Him. That relationship shapes everything about me, my marriage and parenting. He is my identity.

I love equipping. Whether I am communicating to a large group, small group, through written word, or talking across a table with a cup of coffee in my hand, I love equipping people to discover and follow Jesus."

Matt graduated from Texas State, formerly Southwest Texas State University, with a Bachelor's of Music Performance degree in 2000. He received his Master's degree from Southwestern Seminary in 2006 and then went on to earn a Doctorate from Fuller Graduate School in 2010. After a couple of church staff positions, God called Matt to begin Crossings Community Church and the  first public worship gathering was held on Christmas Eve of 2006.

Matt and his beautiful bride Lori  have been married over twenty wonderful and EXCITING years. They have two daughters, Bethany who is graduating high school and Avery who is neck deep in junior high, and one son Taylor who is about to begin his junior high career.

Matt describes himself as a life-long learner and finds great joy in exploring new things. He has always loved being active and will find any excuse to be outdoors. His most refreshing moments are either challenging his perceived boundaries of physical exertion, or amidst a beautiful outdoor landscape with a book in hand or lost amidst his crazy thoughts.